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RapidShare Alternatives – Find the Best Alternatives to ZippyShare

When you search for RapidShare Alternatives, you will notice that they mostly include Cloud Storage Services, although some are also cpanews Sync Tools and Online Backup Tools. You can filter the list based on what you need. For example, if you are looking for a way to share large files, you can use Zippyshare.

RapidShare Alternatives

If you’ve been missing RapidShare, there are now plenty of alternatives to try. These services provide a similar experience and feature a large variety of file types. Some also include file synchronization and online backup tools. This article will provide a list of some of the top rapidshare alternatives, along with a brief description of each.

RapidShare was once one of the top 50 most popular websites on the web, with hundreds of millions of monthly users. However, after several lawsuits and the takedown of megaupload, RapidShare had to change its business model. The company is now focusing on life2news cloud storage services instead of peer-to-peer file sharing. As a result, it’s seen a significant decline in sales and reduced staff by 75% in May 2013.


Zippyshare is a storage site where users can upload and download content for free. However, it is being blocked in various regions because of piracy. Therefore, it is essential for users to find a suitable alternative. There are free and paid applications available for Android and iOS users.

Zippyshare is one of the most popular and lasenorita file hosting services. It is free to use and offers unlimited storage. It has a drag and drop feature for easy file uploads. It also has tools to manage uploads and downloads. Moreover, it supports all types of files. Users can also download and share files as often as they wish. Unlike Mega, there are no download or storage limits on Zippyshare.


If you are looking for an alternative to WeTransfer, you can try several free and paid alternatives. Dropbox, for example, is a great free alternative because it supports sharing large files. The free version of Dropbox allows for 3 Gigabytes of storage and file sharing. Send Anywhere is another great alternative that has a high security rating and a simple interface. Send Anywhere lets you send up to 10 GB of files for free and is highly reliable.

Another option is presentnews. This service allows you to upload and sync files from your iOS device. Users can also sync their text and documents to iCloud. This allows them to access their work anywhere, including from work.

Surge Send

Surge Social is a great WiFi marketing tool. It allows you to build a network of customers and keep track of their activities. It also allows you to send targeted messages to specific groups of customers. This allows you to be more effective than simply sending one generic email to your entire customer database. The platform also offers excellent reporting and customization.


If you’ve been looking for tvcrazy alternatives for Android, you’ve come to the right place. This list includes alternatives to the popular file-sharing app, which has recently been shuttered. The alternatives are primarily Cloud Storage Services, though some are File Sync Tools and Online Backup Tools. These sites offer various functionality, so it’s possible to find one that meets your specific needs.


RapidShare was an online file sharing service where users can upload multiple files and create a private link. This app has been discontinued and has been replaced by RARBG, which was developed in 2008. It also features magnet connections and torrent files. It promotes peer-to-peer file sharing and is free of annoying advertisements. It also offers a large amount of cloud storage space and is easy to use.

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