Everything You Need To Know About The  Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy cricket is a strategy and skill based on online sport, allowing users to construct their virtual team of real cricket players according to their previous form and performance. The teams created in fantasy cricket are made before all the players are ready to compete in real matches worldwide. According to the performance of these players in the actual match, you score points. The objective is to select the best 11 players from the two teams and score higher than your opponents to win the match.

Fantasy cricket is predominantly a sport that requires good skills and great knowledge of cricket, along with excellent analytical abilities. To select the best team for a match and win contests, good research must be done about the players and teams.

An incredible growth in online fantasy cricket has been noticed during the past few years in India. However, playing fantasy cricket on online portals is quite exciting for the players as they have the power to become a team selector and play along with the live  match instead of just watching the cricket match. The winners even win real cash on winning the fantasy cricket match.

Fantasy cricket is similar to the sport of cricket on the ground. The only difference is that when a player scores a run or takes a wicket, the fantasy cricket player gains an equivalent amount of fantasy points. If your selected team scores the points required to be in the winning position, you win the match

Online fantasy cricket gaming portals give you access to several features. You can select the team of your choice with your knowledge of cricket and players. Moreover, you can create groups and play matches and leagues 24×7 worldwide. As a winning reward, you can earn big cash prizes by playing fantasy cricket on online gaming portals. It’s a platform to showcase your cricketing skills and knowledge of sports and brag in front of friends and colleagues.

Creating a fantasy cricket team includes choosing 11 players. A maximum of seven players are to be selected from one team timechi. At last, You choose a captain and vice-captain for your team, wherein the captain scores 2x points, and the vice-captain scores 1.5x.

To get started with fantasy cricket on an online portal. You must first sign up or login into a gaming platform. Secondly, choose a match that you want to play. Thirdly, create your team from the two teams playing during your selected match. At last, choose your captain and vice-captain to earn extra points, track your score, and check your winnings once the match completes.

A few tips to be followed while playing fantasy cricket are:

  • Play only those matches on the fantasy app about which you have a fair amount of knowledge, and do not play every match available.
  • Before playing, check the pitch report, weather report, ground average, score, and players’ past performance.
  • Some fantasy apps provide detailed player statistics, which helps you choose the best possible players for the match apsession.

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